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Biggest Railway Station of India

There are different factors associated with which the railway stations in India are considered the biggest. Some of them are in various terms.

169 Year Journey of Indian Railways

Indian Railways has electrified 52,247 Route Kilometers (RKMs) till March 31, 2022, which is about 80% of the total broad-gauge network (65,141 RKMs) of Indian Railways.

To Book Cheap Train Tickets, Use Code TM50

We are glad to take the pain of high ticket pricing off your shoulders by waiving off Agent Commission (AC) and Payment Gateway (PG) charges on your train ticket booking.

Oldest Railways Stations In India

In India, visiting railway stations can often feel like stepping back in time. Let’s have a look at some of the country's other oldest railway stations.

IRCTC's Waiting List Ticket

When there are no more reserved seats available for booking, a Waiting List Ticket (WL) is issued.

Indian Railway Stations with Most Platforms

When it comes to the number of platforms, Howrah is the largest station in terms of platform count, with 23 platforms and 26 tracks.

Everything about RAC Status of a Train Ticket

The Indian Railways distributes RACs for railway reservations whenever all available seats on a train have been sold.

TDR in Indian Railways

Ticket Deposit Receipt, commonly referred to as TDR is issued by Railways Authority, in case of cancellation of e-tickets. It is a process of claiming refund for the booked ticket from Indian Railw...

More Than 200 Trains Cancelled Today

The Indian Railways fully cancelled 190 today on June 03, 2022, due to several reasons. Other than that, 40 more trains have been partly cancelled.

Easy Guide To Live Train Status

Anyone can check the live train status by entering the train name and number. Passengers must also enter their journey date and boarding station.

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