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Train Cancel News Today

The Indian Railways has decided to cancel 216 trains owing to weather, maintenance, and operational issues.

178 Train Cancelled Today, on 04 August 2022

Out of the total of 178 trains, 136 trains are fully, whereas 42 trains are partially cancelled.

The New Vande Bharat Express is all set to roll out

the upgraded version of Vande Bharat 2.0, is ready to roll out for trials from August 12, 2022. The ICF also decided to modify the train set to enhance the safety and comfort of the passengers.

179 Trains Cancelled Today on 28 July 2022

Out of the total of 179 trains, 133 trains are fully, and the other 46 trains are partially cancelled.

Total 169 Trains Cancelled Today

Make sure your train is running on time because the Indian Railways has announced the cancellation of 169 trains

IRCTC Cancelled 138 Trains Today

Out of this, 90 trains are fully whereas 48 trains are partially cancelled by the zones of Indian Railways.

Train Cancellation News Today

During the monsoon season, IRCTC is planning to cut-short major routes by cancellation. There is a problem in the operation of many trains by the railways and due to this the trains have to be canc...

IRCTC Changed Rules for Booking Online Tickets

Are you a train traveller who used IRCTC for ticket booking but stopped during the COVID time? If yes, then this blog is for you

Cancelled Trains Today, on 07 July 2022

There are a total of 189 trains are announced cancelled for today, out of which 145 trains are fully and other 44 trains are partially cancelled.

IRCTC Announced Cancellation of 192 Trains Today

Today, the Indian Railways has announced the cancellation of 192 trains.

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