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Ideal Train Profile Introduced By Indian Railways To Maximise Seat Occupancy

The Ideal Train Profile is essentially an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program designed to fix one of the most perennial issues associated with train travel in India - the waiting list.

Destinations to Make Your Valentine Week AWWsome

take your loved one and relationship to an entirely new place from any of the mentioned here.

Most Famous Railway Bridges of India

Many bridges have also been erected to connect lines crossing over rivers and other obstacles. Let’s have a look at some of these fine works of masonry.

Two-Tier AC Vs Three-Tier AC Coaches of Indian Railways

The two most commonly available classes for train travel for long journeys are the AC-2 Tier and AC-3 Tier. Each of these classes offers passengers its characteristics.

Kavach: Indian Railways Anti-Collision System

The collision avoidance system will cause the train to come to a halt automatically upon detecting any obstacle on the track. This has been done to allow for safer travel by rail.

Best Destinations For Coffee Lovers and Tea Lovers

So, let’s take a tour across the land to get acquainted with this fascinating subculture of Indian life.

IRCTC Announced Cancellation of 184 Trains on Monday, 21 November 2022

Out of the total, 132 trains are partially whereas 52 trains are fully cancelled. These cancelled trains consist of various local, express and special trains.

Diamond Crossing: Here is What You Need to Know

The diamond crossing, however, is surrounded by many myths. We are here to clear it all.

277 Trains Cancelled on 12 September 2022

Different zones of Indian Railways wholly or partially cancelled a total of 277 trains on September 12, 2022.

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Book a ticket to your Navratri or Diwali destination, and we promise it would be cheaper than any other IRCTC train ticket booking platform.

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