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Trains named After Novels

Aware of the trains who got names from literary works of famous writers?

The Pink City

Do you know that Jaipur is ranked as the most beautiful City in India?

8 Reasons to Travel by Train

Which mode of transport do you prefer most?

Amazing Cruises in India

Aware of the luxurious cruises in India?

French Capital of India

Do you know about the French town in India?


Aware about the significance of Muharram?

Ganesh Chaturthi

Aware how Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated across the nation?

Breathtaking Rivers in India

Aware of the Unimaginably beautiful rivers which exists in India?

Janmashtami Celebrations across India

Here is how every state celebrates Lord Krishna’s Birthday.

White Desert in India

Discover the fascinating facts about Rann of Kutch!!

Battery Powered Trains

Unveiling the Spick-span Battery-powered trains

Raksha Bandhan in India

Do you know how every state celebrates rakhi in its own way?

Magical Matheran

Know about the hidden hill station in Maharashtra?

Divine Rameswaram

All set to explore the saintly place!!

Tatkal Booking Tips

Sudden plans to travel by train? Tatkal Scheme to rescue!!

Monsoon Travel Tips

Things to keep in mind while planning a trip during the rainy season

Architectural Wonder on Hooghly

Know about the sister bridges over Hooghly?

Historic Hampi

Wanna know the tales associated with Hampi?

Paradise for Shopaholics

Love to splurge money on shopping?

Mystery of Lonar Crater

The Lost and inexplicable site in Maharashtra.

Mesmerizing Waterfalls

Thinking where to escape this rainy season?

Lifeline of Delhi

Ever imagined life in Delhi without Metro?

Dharavi Slum Tour

Know the enthralling facts about the Dharavi slum?

Cultural Heritage of India

Aware of the dynamic and enigmatic culture of India?

Iconic Trams Of Kolkata

Do you know about the Eco friendly heritage of the Kolkata

Top Offbeat Places

Here is a list of places that you must visit this summer.

Travel Inspiration From Movies

Movies that would inspire the wanderer in you!

Revisit Childhood

The stash of comics without which our train journeys weren't complete!

The Dark Side Of Mount Everest

The unheard dark side of the world's highest point!

Must Have Travel Accessories

Travel accessories ready to make your trips safer and enjoyable!

Unique Temple Prasad

Have you ever had chowmein in form of prasad?

Book Train Tickets Easily

Reasons why you should choose Trainman to book tickets!

Wildlife Sanctuaries Of India

The best of India to hear the call of the wild!

Zodiac Sign Travel

The stars guide you to your next vacation!

Budget Traveling

To stretch your bucket list, budget travel is the answer.

Longest Train Journeys

On these trips, the journey is the destination.

Indian Food Habits

The reminiscence of diverse Indian gastronomy!

Holi In India

Unique ways India celebrates the free-spirited Holi!

Surprising Facts

Facts about India that would hit you like a thunderbolt!

Best Snowfall Places

Head over to these destinations to witness bewitching snowfall!

Highest Railway Bridge

India marks it's engineering milestone with highest railway bridge over Chenab river!

Train Travel Hacks

Tips and tricks that would make your journey better.

Bizarre Station Names

Some of the comical train station names that exist in India!

Amazing Andaman Islands

Andaman Islands are a perfect getaway for hustle of city life.

Topmost Tourist Spots

These were the most traveled places in 2018!

Symbolic Kedarnath

Kedarnath-where beauty converges with the spirituality!

Mysterious Railway Stations

These Railway stations of West Bengal are most mysterious ones!

Top Clean Stations

Lets see which are the most clean railway stations.

Bollywood On Wheels

Trains are an integral part of Bollywood!

Top Train Journeys

These rail routes are the best ones!

Beautiful Borders to Behold

These International borders of India are worth a visit!

Extreme Railways

Here are some of the spine chilling railways you can't miss!

Swachh Railway Stations

Lets see which are top clean railway stations in India!

Trek to little Kashmir

Have you been to this hidden Kashmir of India yet?

Haunted Railway Stations

Do you know there are some railway stations that may scare you to the core!

Darjeeling Himalayan Railways

Have you seen anything beautiful than this yet?

Evolution of Railways

Railways have literally traveled time to provide with best of facilities!

Stunning Bridges of India

How many of these beautiful bridges have you witnessed so far?

Konkan Railways A Visual Delight

A nostalgic journey through the Konkan Railways!

Ghost Celebrations Halloween

Do you know the significance of Halloween?

Rituals of Navratra

Some call it Durga Pooja, others Navratra while for some it is Dasara!

Types of Train Travelers

How many of these species have you encountered?

Deadliest Train Accidents

Worst train accidents happened around the world.

Monsoon Diaries

Planning to stay back home this monsoon?

Best Eid Destinations

Explore these places during Eid-ul-Fitr this year!

Best Station Food

Do you also crave for good food or tea at stations while travelling?

Lights Camera Action!

Who according to you are best reel-life mothers of bollywood?

Beat The Heat

10 cool hacks to beat hot summer season!

Creativity at its best

Creativity has no limits and these two young men prove the same!

Trainman crosses One Million App Downloads

Trainman is heartfelt thankful to its users!

Why are stones lying alongside tracks??

Have you ever wondered why are there tones of small stones on railway tracks!

Best Winter Destinations in India

Visit these picturesque destinations this winter to heat things up!

Yeh Diwali Swachta Wali

Lets observe a clean and pollution free Diwali this time!

Train Awards by Trainman

Here we present awards and accolades to our Indian Railways for its public services.

Ramnagar - A walk through nature

Planning a trip coming long weekend? Here is a serene getaway for you

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