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The Top 5 Fastest Trains In India

Let’s take a look at some of the fastest trains currently plying the railway lines of India.

Train Travel For Heritage Tourism in India: Visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites By Rail

India ranks number six on UNESCO’s list, having 40 heritage sites across the subcontinent.

Famous Bollywood Movie Scenes Shot on Indian Trains

Here is a list of popular movies and songs that have featured the Indian Railways as a backdrop.

The 170 Years of Legacy of Indian Railways

In this blog, we will take you through the 170-year journey of the Indian railways in a phased manner.

IPL 2023: Here is the Information You Need

From today, 31st march 2023, this cricket festival in India is starting for cricket lovers across the globe.

Indian Temples Offering Unique Prasad

There are some temples across the country whose rituals include offerings that may take many by surprise.

Things to do on Long Train Journeys

By doing these things you will not only be able to pass the time but also make the most of your train journey.

Rules For Travelling with Your Dogs in Indian Railways

You can travel with your dog on Indian Railways for real by following these two methods. Tap to read more

Essential Items To Carry While Travelling

Whether you are setting out on a camping trip, going for a relaxing holiday on a beach, or travelling for business, having the essentials will make your journey that much smoother.

IRCTC Cancelled 457 Trains on 27 February 2023

The zones of Indian Railways cancelled multiple express, local, and passenger trains. Out of the total, 351 trains are fully, whereas 106 trains are partially cancelled.

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