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Golden Icon Of India

Indian Railways icon completes 50 years on track!


Hyperloop is the future of transport systems and will be faster than flights.

Top Double Decker Trains

Amazing Double Decker Trains in India!

Historic Trains of India

Some of these trains are more than 100 Years Old!

Border Crossing Trains

These trains cross international borders daily!

What are Anubhuti Coaches

Railways is all set to roll out new anubhuti coaches with aircraft like facilities!

Jan Ahar Cafeteria

Do you know there are places where you get meal in Rs 45?

All about Tejas trains

Know about the launch of high speed luxurious train Tejas!

Railways food menu and tariff

Do you know what meals are you entitled for when you book a train ticket? Click to know more!

Automatic door lock in Rajdhani Trains

Railways will introduce automatic door system in trains soon

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