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Vande Bharat Express: New Routes, Fares, and Everything You Need to Know

The train is running on 3 different routes in India, and recently started its maiden journey for the fourth route as well.

IRCTC Cancelled 131 Trains on Monday, 31 October 2022

Out of the total, 88 trains are cancelled fully whereas 43 trains are partially cancelled. The cancellation consists of multiple local, and express trains.

IRCTC Cancelled 215 Trains on Monday, 17 October

Out of the total, 159 trains are fully, and 56 trains are partially cancelled.

Festival Special Trains: Book Your Tickets

We are here with the good news about 2 pairs of Pooja Special Trains that will run in the upcoming week. These weekly trains will start running from 18 October.

IRCTC Cancelled 163 Trains on October 10

Out of the total, 48 trains are partially cancelled whereas 115 trains were fully cancelled.

IRCTC Cancelled 179 Trains on Friday, 07 October

Today, out of which, 121 trains were fully and 58 trains were partially cancelled.

Indian Railways: New Time Table Released for All India Trains

Railways has increased the speed of 500 Mail Express trains in its new timetable. Apart from these, 65 pairs of trains have been upgraded to the 'Superfast' category.

IRCTC Cancelled 164 Trains, on Thursday 06 October, 2022

Indian Railways cancelled a total of 164 trains, out of which 111 were fully cancelled and 53 trains were partially cancelled.

IRCTC Cancelled 244 Trains on Tuesday, 04 October 2022

Out of the total, 218 Trains are fully and 26 trains are partially cancelled.

246 Trains Are Announced Cancelled on 30/09/2022

Notably, in this list, a large number of trains are those which were cancelled last day as well. These trains pass through various stations across India.

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