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Bedroll Services Are Back!

Good News! Your train journey is going to be easier in the winter as the Indian Railways is giving a big relief to the passengers.

13 Rajasthan Trains To Have Unreserved Facilities. Check the full list!!

For the benefit of passengers traveling daily by trains, the Indian Railways has reinstated general ticketing on 13 trains departing from various cities in Rajasthan.

Reservation of Berths For Women

The Indian Railways has announced that long-distance trains will soon have reserved berths for women in an effort to make Indian trains safer for women.

Over 200 Trains Cancelled.

Around 191 Trains Fully, 57 Trains Partially Cancelled. So, it comes to a total of 248 fully or partially Cancelled on December 20, 2021, by different zonal railways of Indian Railways.

Cancels 14 Trains, Diverts 21 Trains in UP

Attention train passengers, here’s an important update for you. If you are planning to travel to Lucknow and Kanpur from Jhansi in the next few days, you need to change your plan.

Jyotirlinga Special Train

The Indian Railways has decided to run a pilgrimage Jyotirlinga special train from Dhanbad. The Jyotirlinga special train will depart on December 17 and return to Dhanbad on December 29.

December Train Status Update

The Indian Railways has cancelled several trains running on major routes. Passengers are advised to take note of any changes in train schedules and make appropriate arrangements.

Good News!! Indian Railways To Start Superfast Train.

Good news for all the travel enthusiasts out there! Now passengers traveling to South India can travel on Indian railways' superfast Humsafar train.

Latest and Important Updates

Read here to know latest and important updates from Indian Railways.

Book Train Tickets With Reduced Fares. Full List Inside!!

The passengers will be able to travel on unreserved tickets in 31 trains beginning December 10, 2021.

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