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Indian Toy Trains

In this blog, we will get to know about Indian Railways’ popular and small toy trains.

Banning of Overnight Charging of Phones in trains

Indian Railways banning the overnight charging of Smartphones and Laptops to prevent Fire Accidents.

Good News by Northern Railways

Northern Railways will be resuming Monthly Season Tickets (MST) services only in 56 permitted trains.

Northern Western Railways to have Additional Coaches

North Western Railway has added temporary coaches to a few pairs of special trains on specific routes.

Changes in route of the train connecting Delhi and Rajasthan

Northern-Western Railways to change the route of Train no. 04051.

Rail Arcades at major stations

Indian Railways is planning to build ‘Rail Arcades’, which will act as small city centre hubs with shopping plazas and food courts.

Eco-friendly step by Indian Railways

Introduction of Automatic Coach Washing Plants by Indian Railways. It will help in reducing water, time as well as manpower.

Indian Railways to shift to solar power

Indian Railways converting current diesel tracks to electric ones real soon.

58 Vande Bharat Trains

Indian Railways floats tender for 58 Vande Bharat trains with features of Shatabdi-type semi-high speed trains

Northeast Railway Connectivity

Northeast connectivity gets a boost! Indian Railways to offer better and convenient railway connectivity.

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