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Train Cancellations News Today

The IRCTC list includes trains which have been fully and partially cancelled.

Visiting My GrandMother's House

This time, as I looked for train routes to my grand mother’s house, I was surprised as to how easy it all has become via Trainman.

IRCTC Buddhist Circuit

The life of Gautam Buddha and the places associated with him have left legacies for over 4 million people who follow Budhha's teachings, beliefs, and wisdom.

IRCTC cancels 389 Trains on May 27, 2022

Indian Railways has announced the cancellation of a total of 441 trains on Thursday, May 27, 2022 due to various reasons.

349 Trains Cancelled on 26 May

Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation has announced of cancellation of 349 trains on Thursday, 26 May 2022, out of which 307 trains are fully and 42 trains are partially canceled.

Safety Measures for Female Passengers on Train

Did you know that a female passenger who is traveling alone cannot be asked to deboard the train even if she was found without a ticket after 06:00 PM?

IRCTC Cancels 287 Trains on May 24

On Tuesday, May 24, the Indian Railways announced the cancellation of 337 trains, out of which 287 trains are fully while the other 50 trains are partially cancelled.

Travel Safety Tips For Pregnant Women

It's natural to have concerns about what to do and what not to do during pregnancy. So we've decided to answer your questions and offer some advice to help you travel safely by train while pregnant.

Indian Railways experience linen shortage

Around 60 per cent of the stock that the Railways had over the last two years has been damaged and a significant amount has already been used to make masks.

Indian Railways Cancels 238 Trains Today

Indian Railways has decided to cancel 238 trains, changed sourced station in 17 and short terminated 14 today.

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