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Murudeshwara | A Journey You Must Take

You have a giant wave of questions with you right now, and we are here to help you plan your next trip in the best way possible.

246 Trains Are Announced Cancelled on 30/09/2022

Notably, in this list, a large number of trains are those which were cancelled last day as well. These trains pass through various stations across India.

IRCTC Cancelled 244 Trains Today, on 29 September

Out of the total, 175 were fully cancelled and 69 partially cancelled.

Trainman Tourism Guide of The Pink City

What should a first-time visitor do there? We are here with all the answers to your questions. Let’s get on the journey to Jaipur.

IRCTC Cancelled 285 Trains on 27 September, 2022

195 trains are fully and 90 trains are partially cancelled by the zones on Indian Railways.

IRCTC Cancelled 292 Trains on September 26

Out of total 292 trains, 207 Trains fully and 85 trains partially cancelled by the zones on Indian Railways.

Toy Train Restaurants: Food on the Tracks

As unique as it sounds, the fun of watching these toy trains, and the lip-smacking taste of cuisines are just top-notch.

IRCTC Announces Cancellation of 363 Trains, on 23 September

The total 363 trains includes various number of local, express and special trains.

Train Cancellation News, on September 22, 2022

223 trains are fully and 80 trains are partially cancelled today.

Indian Railway Stations Divided in 2 States

Now, that you are curious enough, we are here with the answers.

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