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IRCTC Cancelled 457 Trains on 27 February 2023

The zones of Indian Railways cancelled multiple express, local, and passenger trains. Out of the total, 351 trains are fully, whereas 106 trains are partially cancelled.

Astronomical Observatories in India

Here are some of the best renowned astronomical observatories in India.

Natural wonders of India

The age-old forces of nature perform magic through wind, water, pressure, and minerals to create spectacular natural works of art.

Indian Railways Achieved a New Milestone by Electrifying Entire Rail Network of Uttar Pradesh

This development will lead to improved rail connectivity and faster train speeds in the region.

Best Locations in India To Experience Bioluminescence

Let us take a closer look at this phenomenon and the notable locations across India where one can experience the magic of bioluminescence.

Indian Railways Cancelled 571 on 22 February, 2023

Out of the 571 cancelled trains, 451 trains are fully, whereas 120 trains are partially cancelled.

Metal Barrier Fencing To Be Introduced By Indian Railways To Prevent Cattle Runovers

This is being done to help prevent cattle from being run over by oncoming trains.

Ideal Train Profile Introduced By Indian Railways To Maximise Seat Occupancy

The Ideal Train Profile is essentially an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program designed to fix one of the most perennial issues associated with train travel in India - the waiting list.

IRCTC Cancelled 437 Trains on 13 February 2023

Out of the total, 344 trains are fully, whereas 93 trains are partially cancelled.

Vande Bharat Express Trains are Running on 10 Routes Now

Prime Minister Modi flagged off 2 New Semi-High-Speed trains between Mumbai to Solapur and Mumbai to Shirdi at the inauguration ceremony on Friday 10 February 2023.

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