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The official blog of Trainman, with rants and advices on trains.

Nandi Hills

Nandi hills to be developed as a tourist circuit.

Tree Ambulance Service

IRS officer Rohit Mehra from Amritsar has started tree ambulance!

Caravan Tourism

Caravan tourism to get a boost in Maharashtra.

Museum of Illusions

With 50+ mind-bending tricks & more!

Bizarre Tourist Attractions

List of most unusual tourist attractions across the world.

New Paragliding Destination

Paragliding flight tests were conducted in Panchkula region by the BSF team.

Cycle Tours in National Park

Manas national park is introducing cycle safaris for tourists.

First Museum Biennale in India

The biennale is anticipated as a key event in Bihar’s cultural calendar.

Buddhist Temples

Intricate temples and mammoth statues!

Snowfall in Sahara Desert

Sahara desert has gone through shifts in temperature over the past 100 years.

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